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By alex
belleville, AR
love this tea
February 3, 2018
this is one good tea in my book
By alex k.
newburyport,ma 01950
big red robe oolong
September 14, 2015
I have been enjoying oolong tea grown in the fujian province and grown on mount wuyi for many years. My nephew who visits Beijing,China frequently, introduced me to oolong tea. I have read and enjoyed the story about how the name of this fantastic tea, Da Hong Pao came about. Thomas was very helpful to me on my very first purchase of this renowned tea. The heathful benefits of this tea is very important to me, Thank you.
By David
Ellenboro, NC
Nice Oolong
August 16, 2015
Oolongs have become my favorite teas and this is one that I enjoy with some regularity. I put it in a class of teas that (for lack of better terminology) I label as "smokey" flavored. There are three Oolongs that I classify this way, Big Red Robe, Hairy Crab, and Wuyi Rock. This one, Big Red Robe, seems to me to fall in the middle range of the "smokiness." While this is not a flavor I go to every day, it is a variety that I consistently cycle into my morning teas. An excellent tea to include in the mix of teas one enjoys.
By alex k.
nice tea
July 31, 2015
really like this tea hot r cold i have added it to my ice tea an it pick up the taste of the ice tea
By Bernadine
Nice flavor
January 7, 2015
Packaged properly and very nice flavor
By Anibal L.
Deltona Fl
Big Red Robe Tea
November 13, 2014
Can not do without big red robe,I mainly use it for stomach disconfort, and it works fast.
By Jim
August 1, 2014
This tea is the standard for oolong tea. A must try for oolong lovers!!
By Russell
Big Red Robe
November 18, 2013
This has to be my favorite of all teas. It has a wonderful full flavor and comforting aroma, ( I like it extra strong) and strange to me, an oolong that finishes with a red color almost like a pekoe. On a cold and blustery day I love coming in and reaching for my Red Robe.
By RoyS
Kapaa, Hawaii
One of my favorite teas
August 7, 2013
I like my teas in pure form, that is just the tea leaves with exception to the very bitter teas which I add a little lemon juice and stevia. This Big Red Robe tea is now one of my favorite tea along with Ginseng Oolong and the 5 year aged Pu-erh tea. These three are my current favorites which I drink daily but I think the Big Red Robe is the one I drink the most.
By Jack
Charlotte, NC
February 19, 2013
Aroma and taste is earthy and sweet; the beautiful brownish-red glow is a delight to the eye. Very enjoyable.
By rita
Terrific Tea
February 18, 2013
Just exactly as I had hoped. I can steep it more than once and it is just as sweet and fragrant as it is supposed to be.
By poikkeus
San Francisco
Good basic DHP
June 13, 2012
Easily my favorite oolong, Da Hung Pao typically balances a pleasing smokiness and an appetizing green flavor. This is only a basic grade, but it's hard not to love the enticing combination of flavors; it's fine by itself, but works harmoniously with light food.
By R C.
December 9, 2011
When opening the pouch this tea gives off an aroma that announces delights to come. The taste and the aroma are followed by the beautiful glowing color of the liquid. Mine was brownish with red tones. Lovely to look at. I have never had a tea I did not like from Enjoy but this was remarkable to enjoy.
By Anna S.
October 26, 2011
Upon opening the package it was in i got the smell of a sweet earthiness and when brewed it tasted just the same, earthy and a bit sweet. Very relaxing drink and something that should not be rushed through, most of the teas i have gotten from enjoyingtea.com i have been able to brew more then 5 times at about 30-45 seconds per infusion and each time the infusions taste better and better
By Nick
Hollywood, FL
Sweetest Da Hung Pao yet
November 1, 2010
After buying many so-called big red robe oolongs from various websites I still had not tasted what the hype was all about, especially being among the list of China's top ten. That all changed when I decided to give Da Hung Pao one more try. As soon as I made my first brew of this delightful tea gong fu style I knew this was the REAL Big Red Robe, especially from the sweetness in the aftertaste. Thanks again enjoyingtea for going that extra distance to acquire a TRUE example of a Chinese top ten!

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