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By Brian
Corona, CA
Don't Get Me Wrong
October 14, 2020
Now, don't get me wrong, I love this tea. I've drank it nearly every day for the last 20 years. But why do they put the cancer warning on the box now? I keep trying to tell myself- It doesn't matter, it's just some small harmless thing. But it's getting in my head and I'm thinking twice whenever I want some. I just don't understand why the warning Now. But for anyone who either knows something I don't or just doesn't care, this tea cannot be matched. If I switch, it will be to a entirely different type of tea.
By Cher
Jeddo, MI
Glad I found this, again
April 9, 2019
I thought they quit making this because I couldn't find it, anywhere. I love a cup of this, every night, before bed. Thank goodness it's still around. It tastes delicious!
By Linda
Sunnyvale, CA
Excellent Tea
October 7, 2018
The tea is my Mom’s longtime favorite and Enjoying Tea has great service and prices.
By quilter
N. Easton, MA
The only Chinese tea I will drink
March 31, 2018
I was so excited to find this chinese tea. I have shared these with my friends, so I hope I bring you more business. I will never be without this tea. Thank you for having tea.
By Ann
Edna, Texas
Awesome Service Everytime!
August 21, 2015
Love this site. The service is awesome every single time. Product is always fresh. Packaging is great, never receive broken or damaged merchandise.
By Larry
Spring Mills, Pa
For a perfect cup of tea
July 25, 2015
As a child I always enjoyed tea at our favorite Cantonese Chinese Restaurant. I later found that with Empire Chinese Restaurant Tea I could have that great cup of tea at home. To make it even better buying it through EnjoyingTea.com I was able to get it quickly and at a reasonable price.
By phil
what you get in a chinese restaurant
June 1, 2015
tea arrived on time and as described. excellant tea & good company
By Madonna
Attleboro, MA
Flavorful; not bitter
May 12, 2015
Wonderful tea. The whole family enjoys it, but my 15-yr-old son won't drink any other tea. He's the first to tell me when it's time to reorder.
By Greg R.
goog stuff
December 21, 2014
Tastes like i'm in a good Chinese restaurant.
By Dan
Parma, Ohio
Great tasting
July 19, 2014
This tea tastes great. It is a really good blend of flavors. It has a good price and ships fast.
By Pat
Bloomington, IL
My success story
March 6, 2014
After a store here in town went out of business I couldn't find this tea anywhere and checked with local ethnic grocery stores. Thank goodness for the internet and a website I now have my MOST FAVORITE TEA IN THE WORLD! The service was quick and easy, as well as the delivery of the product. I'll be a regular customer and in the meantime I'll enjoy my tea!
By Robert T.
gardnerville, nv
March 4, 2014
I love the flavor of this tea, it just hits the spot!
By Cheryl
Westerville, Ohio
Chinese Restaurant Tea...
February 23, 2014
Like so many of the teas I have ordered, I am back ordering more! This is the only tea I order that are tea bags. I am a big fan of loose tea, but the Chinese Restaurant Tea is so good that I make an exception. Ok, I am a tea snob. Really great flavor!
By Mykal
February 6, 2014
My husband really loves the tea that we get at our favorite chinese restaurant. He was so happy when I found this. It is just like what we get at the restaurant.
By Laura
Boston, MA
February 4, 2014
Tea tasted like the restaurant tea, but was dramatically stronger. Use the tea bag more than once, and don't steep too long.
By Kim
Great tea!
January 14, 2014
Love this tea! Just what I was looking for!
By Shana
San Francisco, CA
Chinese restaurant tea
September 10, 2013
Rich, dark flavor. I can't find it in stores anymore.
By Stacey M.
Stanley, NC
Great Tea
August 13, 2013
Love It!
By Corina
Blue Point, NY
Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Tea.
May 16, 2013
I've always loved this tea, but haven't seen it around in a long time. So I think I got lucky in finding it again. Great price, and it's delicious like I remember it to be! The service was fast, and I know I'll be returning when I need a refill.
By Paula
Elizabeth, CO
Chinese tea
May 7, 2013
love this tea
Flowery Branch, Georgia
Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Tea.
April 19, 2013
I have been ordering this tea, for about 3 years now, it has an excellent taste light and refreshing. It's a tea that I never seem to get tired of drinking.
gary derosa
February 25, 2013
the tea came very fast, in great shape. taste great too
By Irene
Carlisle, IN
Our favorite tea!
February 6, 2013
We love this tea. Our local grocery store no longer sells this tea and I can't find it anywhere locally to buy it. I was so happy to find this tea on your website. It is the perfect tea to drink with chinese food. It is just like they serve in the restaurants. Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Tea is the best!
By Evelyn B.
Wyncote, PA
What does this refer to?
October 27, 2012
Have enjoyed this tea prior to purchasing it on the web
By Michele
Seaford, Delaware
Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Tea Bag
October 16, 2012
This tea is very good tasting. However, when my husband and I go to Chinese Restaurants their Tea does taste a little different and we can't seem to duplicate tthe tea that is offered in the Chinese Restaurant.
By Edith
Chibese Restaurant Tea
July 17, 2012
Excellent tea
By Patty K.
Pearl City, HI
Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Tea
May 16, 2012
This is the best tasting tea!
By Henry
Asheville, NC
Dynasty Chinese Restaurant Tea Bag
May 12, 2012
Very good flavor and an excellent blend.
By Alan M.
Albany, New York
Chinese Restaurant Tea
May 2, 2012
Both service and product superior in every respect. Definitely 5 stars.
By Bev
Dynasty chinese restaurant tea bags
April 11, 2012
We love this tea & were so happy to find it @ "Enjoying Tea." Grocery stores no longer carry it in our area
By Kamad
Great Tea
April 11, 2012
This tastes like the same tea my local chinese restaurant serves - delivered promptly too
By Morton F.
Old Bridge, NJ
Chinese Restaurant Tea
April 11, 2012
Just like tea in restaurant
By amy
aurora, colorado
April 10, 2012
OMG I just love this tea and so does eveyone that tastes it at my house
April 10, 2012
By Linny
Sandpoint, Idaho
Hidden Medicinal Cures !?!
November 9, 2010
Am I psychosomatic? I don't believe I am. At 68 I tend to be more cynical these days so I know this may sound like an outlandish claim to many of you. I know I'd be skeptical. BUT Whenever I have one of those headaches that not only hurt your head but your eyes as well My stomach is rolling I feel just plain sicky I will drink a cup of Chinese Restaurant Tea and within a half an hour I will feel better. I'm always amazed at how well it works. I order extra boxes to make sure I never run out and even carry a few teabags in my pocketbook to make sure it's available if I get to feeling lousy at work. You should give it a try. You'll not only get a refreshing drink but who knows? You may feel on top of the world in spite of body breakdowns!
By Jinny
Austin, TX
We love this tea1
August 4, 2010
Over the years I bought various teas, trying to find the one that we love when we dine out. This and the Dynasty Green Tea are the Holy Grail of Chinese Restaurant tea. Nice flavor, light and refreshing. We highly recommend both of them.

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