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Ginseng Oolong Tea   $14.98
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By Randale H.
My favorite
January 1, 2020
I drink every type of tea and this is my personal favorite but must be brewed properly with correct measure and temperature
By John
Best Ginseng Oolong
December 13, 2019
Discovered this tea in China and brought it back with me. Searched for months to find it in the US, and finally discovered Enjoying Tea--and it's exactly the same as I bought in China, and for a bit less money! Terrific tea, and great service.
By Gregory
Grayson, GA
Oo-la-la Oolong Ginseng!
January 5, 2019
Quality buds and very pleasing taste. Everyone in the house loves this tea! It's so good!
By alex
belleville, AR
love this tea
February 3, 2018
I just love this tea I like to mix it with gun power tea to help keep the cost down
By Milly
Always worth the price. Best oolong tea!
November 9, 2017
This is my favorite oolong tea, and I order it each time. I've searched for and tried many different oolongs, but this continues to be the best. I highly recommend. You idon'thave to use a lot as the flavor is strong so it lasts longer.
By Heinz
Belfair, WA
May 21, 2015
interesting taste. not my favorite but a nice tea and good for a change in taste, never a bad tea from enjoying tea.
By Billy T.
Tallapoosa Ga
Ginseng tea
April 27, 2015
One of my favorites.
By onn t.
lebano " NH"
love Ginseng tea,very good tea and good price too!!
April 1, 2015
very nice smooth not too strong .
By Josef
Recent purchase
March 13, 2015
Ginseng oolong is my most favourite tea. The shipping is always incredibly fast.
By linda
Central Coast, CA.
Awesome !
October 26, 2014
My favorite tea
By RoyS
Kapaa, HI
My favorite tea.
September 7, 2014
My daily go to tea, has that slight anise flavor which reminds me of a touch of Li Hing Mui dried plum. I make a tea pot of 38 oz every day for work.
By Julie R.
N Canton, Ohio
Delicious, healthy Ginseng Oolong Tea( 4 oz )
August 20, 2014
Bought this item for my son John. He was in Beijing,China a couple of years ago and likes Chinese tea. We tried this tea, and it was excellent. I thought it didn't need any sweetening, although he had some honey for me. We were visiting him, and the tea was part of his birthday gift.
By jim
chesapeake, va
August 1, 2014
This is absolutely the best ginseng tea available! must try!!
Brooklyn, NY
Could be beter
July 28, 2014
Tea is not bad, but if compare this tea and Oolong with milk, I prefer second one. But Ginseng is good for low blood pressure.
Ginsing Oolong
December 18, 2013
Great flavor.
By Stefano
Cincinnati, OH
first time I try. Great product!
November 13, 2013
Great Taste- Great Product! It is my favourite.
By John
Chicago, Illinois
Great Stuff
May 31, 2013
Unique tea that I haven't found anywhere else - tastes great!
By Bob
Crete, IL
Ginseng Oolong - Ilike this
April 12, 2013
Refreshing sweetness. The leaves open up completely when brewed as they should. I get at least 2 brews, sometimes 3 brews from this tea. Good value.
By Julia P.
A perennial favorite
April 11, 2013
The ginseng gives this oolong a wonderful sweetness - no honey or sugar required!
By A S.
Ginseng daily
January 16, 2013
Could be stronger on the ginseng side, but it's a good everyday tea for me
By Ron
Mill valley, CA
December 17, 2012
I really love this tea. It's a great combination and a good energy booster. I found I like it best when I observe the Chinese custom of pouring boiling water over the tea and letting it soak for around 10 - 15 seconds, drain it and then fill the tea pot full of water.
By ehj3
east coast usa
My new favorite
November 8, 2012
got this with the oolong sampler, never heard of it before but it really stood out as the tastiest of the tasty. it has a fullness generally lacking in oolongs but it retains the'brightness' i like in them.
By Karl
Pittsburgh PA
Ginseng Oolong
October 31, 2012
Very good tea refreshing and flavorfull i brewed it acording to the directions and got 3 great cups of tea with my individule cup infuser i replaced my usual morning coffee with this tea the first time i tried it just enough pick me up it got me thru a busy day
By Megan
Southern Calif.
Great tea!
October 28, 2012
The ginseng coating this oolong gives the brew an anise-like flavor. I drink it on a daily basis and will always have it in my cupboard.
By Michelle
Alexandria, VA
Perfect morning tea
October 14, 2012
Love the flavor, and I feel extra energy from the ginseng.
By Bob
Seattle, WA
My favorite tea
August 3, 2012
After a few sips, you get a curious sensation of sweetness, quite unlike what sweetened tea tastes like. It's like a science experiment in every cup.
By David
Sunnyvale, CA
The triple.
July 27, 2012
If you follow the ordinary five-minute brew time, you'll have a sweet brew. But the second five-minute brew will be a little less sweet, and more oolong. By the third brew, it will be like a sweet tea you've always wanted but never admitted to wanting. This is a tea to all the tea "purists" who have just wanted a fancy tea so bad that they've bought some stevia or honey or meyer lemons just to prove they could make due with other teas. call is "ginsoolong" if it makes you feel more "hip". call it "worth it" if you want a pick-me-up that isn't the everyday coffee or the everyday assam.
By the a.
Boston, MA
sweet finish
June 4, 2012
This is a nice oolong tea with a sweet finish in the back of your throat.
By James N.
Chgo Hgts. IL
April 17, 2012
Not as sweet of finish as I prfer but very nice
By Mark
Yorktown, Virginia
April 13, 2012
I first discovered this style of tea during my travels in China. After returning home, I could not find a good, quality version of this tea until I found Enjoying Tea. Ginseng Oolong has a delicious, naturally sweet flavor that most people find absolutely delicious. After trying hundreds of teas, Ginseng Oolong has become one of my all time favorites. Definitely a must try for any tea drinker.
By Jeff
Spearfish, South Dakota
Best Ginseng Oolong Tea I've found since buying at a tea shop in Harbin, China
April 11, 2012
My family and I traveled to Harbin, China in 2009 and tried numerous teas at a tea shop. We both enjoyed the ginseng oolong and brought some back to the US with us. When we finally ran out I searched online for a tea store that might have something similar. We tried the ginseng oolong from various stores, but the only one that compared favorably with what we purchased in China was from We have been purchasing tea from them ever since and the only time we were disappointed was when they didn't have any in stock for several months.
By allan
good ginseng oolong tea
April 10, 2012
good tea sweet tastes after drink
By ronald a.
ginseng oolong tea 8oz
April 9, 2012
just what i expected cant get much better
By Bob
Seattle, WA
A curiously sweet tea
April 9, 2012
This was probably my fourth purchase of this tea from EnjoyingTea. I try to avoid sugar in my tea, but I don't like plain tea. Solution: ginseng oolong. It gives an odd sweet sensation after a few sips. Very nice.
By Grant
new favorite!
December 30, 2011
The tea has both a very good aroma and taste... Both are familiar, yet I can't quite put my finger on it... It instantly has become one of my new favorites. Will definitely purchase again.
By Jason
Phoenix, AZ
A great cup of tea.
September 14, 2011
This is a wonderful tea. I drink it throughout the day and the flavor is pleasant and it has a subtle sweet finish that leaves you wanting more.
By Alexander
Tempe, Arizona
Amazing to say the least!
September 10, 2011
Even to the most discriminating palate, this tea will prevail. Have yet have family or friend say otherwise when I share this little treat. Also, customer service, specifically Van the best I've ever come across. is like the REI of the tea world.
By Bo-Shu
indianapolis, indiana
April 28, 2011
this tea is amazing. its got a pleasant sweetness to it that just can't be described in words. Having a cup of this great oolong is the best way to get your day started, the only way in my opinion! It even helped me fight of a nasty cold i had!
By Tom J.
Ridgway, Co.
Ginseng Oolong Tea
January 29, 2010
This tea is very good and easy to brew. I don't use an infuser or screen, just put the tea in a cup of hot water and once the leaves uncurl they sink to the bottom of the cup and it is ready to drink. The ginseng gives it a light sweetness so no other sweetener is needed.

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