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By Chuck
Chicago, IL
The best
May 26, 2019
Great tea at generous prices. I have never been disappointed by this firm.
By Pat
An outstanding China black tea
March 15, 2018
This has been my go-to black tea for years. It is very forgiving to brew, because it doesn't become overly tannic when overbrewed. It has a very pleasant aroma and rich, smooth flavor.
By alex
belleville, AR
a very nice tea
February 3, 2018
it's a fine tea I like to mix this one to at times
By Rodney
New Kensington, PA
Organic Keemun Black Tea
October 7, 2015
This is the greatest tasting black tea that I have tried
By Rodney
Pittsburgh, PA
Organic Keemun Black Tea
July 29, 2015
This is the best black tea that I have tried.
By Gayla
Atlanta, GA
Organic Keemun Tea
October 23, 2014
This is a robust, smoky tea that gets me going in the morning and perks me up in the afternoon. Delicious, and it's organic!
By Jay
Lynchburg, VA
Good daily Keemun
July 24, 2014
While this is not the most refined grade of Keemun tea, it has plenty of the characteristic Keemun aroma and a mild, rounded flavor profile. For those, like me, who prefer the China blacks to the India teas as a daily morning beverage (and who demand organically grown tea), this product is a good value.
By Anil
April 9, 2014
Always my favorito.. Very intense and different taste!!!
my favorite
March 4, 2014
intense flavor
By Leanne S.
Mt. Vernon, WA
Fantastic Black Tea
October 2, 2013
This tea has body and fragrance. All other teas pale in comparison.
By Donald
Jersey City, NJ
Good Solid Keemun
July 28, 2013
What Keemun is for. Malty, sturdy, earthy (pine or slightly smoky favour), smooth. -Also GREAT for ICE tea, but making good ice tea is DIFFICULT. No ice tea maker alive is going to do this job for you. You need a kettle, several tea pots, filtered water for thinning, a LARGE pyrex pitcher and a lot of patience. Bottles are great to take it on the road. Everyone will think you are drinking moon shine. Anyway, Keemun is a favourite ice tea, and a GREAT daily hot tea. With milk is best, but some barbarians take it black --Kicks the butt out of PG Tips! PSST: ET, please get some higher grades of Keemun -a Hua Ya would be great.
By Don
Malty, Earthy, Truly a FINE Keemun -blend?
July 5, 2013
I usually buy Keemun for blending, but this Keemun is good on it's own. The slight Earthy overtone is wonderful. It is a great wake-up tea, but not too strong to use after supper or for tea-time. (about 25mg caffeine/8 oz) If you blend this with about 30% Assam and 20% Darjeeling Green (1st or 2nd flush), you will have a good daily tea. Iced tea pretty much destroys the delicate flavours of high grade tea, but this Keemun made a damn good iced tea, as I discovered on the 4th of July (Louis Armstrong's REAL birthday, of course. If Pops said the 4th of July was his birthday then that's when it was...damnit.). Anyway, this is a FINE Keemun. Keemun is a MUST for any tea-head's supply. Good for blending and drinking straight. Note to ET: Please buy more varieties of Keemun (i.e. single estate types). Yes Darjeeling is the king of teas, but tea originated in China and when all is done, i feel that the Chinese teas have more to offer than only Darjeelings. Of course, ET, should carry much more than the mediocre MIM they sometimes stock, but in all, I like ET and will continue to buy from them. -A straight price for a straight product. IS this Keemun a blend of other Keemuns? If not, what is it's estate?
By Kris
Stillwater, MN
Love This Tea
April 22, 2013
I normally don't order "organic" Keemun (just the Keemun a tea we have drunk for decades) but with some trepidation I ordered 3 pounds of the organic Keemun after reading the reviews. When it arrived I opened the first bag and took a sniff. It was delightfully crisp and just slightly smoky the Bordeaux of tea very apparent. The leaves were small which I prefer because it makes a darker cup of tea and the taste is smooth yet full of character and perfect with milk. Simply put, I love this tea.
By Soggy S.
Whidbey Island, WA
Good stuff
March 3, 2013
Leaves a little smaller than the Keemun we have been drinking, but can no longer obtain. But it's okay, tastes about the same. This was a trial purchase, but as of now we'll be back for a greater quantity soon.
By Gary
Durango, Colorado
Great tea, good price
September 17, 2012
The richness of keemun is what keeps me using it, and EnjoyingTea's price is always competitive. I'm assuming I can trust the "organic" designation.
By Tiziana R.
Gold Canyon, Arizona
OK Tea
April 21, 2012
I like it not as much as my English breakfast tea
By Morris F.
Staten Island, NY
Organic Tea
April 10, 2012
Good flavor

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